How To Look Younger At 40 with Indiba

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How To Look Younger At 40 with Indiba

For some women, turning 40 can mean real emotional stress. The body starts to see meaningful changes and a feeling of fear at the passing time rears its head. Despite the fact that growing old is unavoidable, there are ways to look younger. Indiba’s radiofrequency treatment is one of them. In this article, we’ll talk about this technology and its guaranteed results.

Much has been said about the midlife crisis. Is it a myth? Well, it seems that it’s certainly something common to both genders, but is especially frequent in women. And even though many people don’t believe it’s real, the truth is that there is a scientific and psychological basis to support it.


As I said at the beginning of this article, women turning 40 undergo many significant hormonal changes. Of course, these changes have consequences at a psychological level too: that feeling of saying goodbye to youth forever. Flipping to old age seems like a point of no return.


What makes this change of decade so different compared with the others? Basically, women are more experienced now and they are self-conscious of their body image. When you reach your 20s or 30s, life still seems long and you don’t usually look to the long-term, instead focusing on enjoying yourself. In your 40s, it’s probable that your life is settled: work, family, etc. It’s a question of maturity. 


The 40s: The Beginning Of The “I Nevers”


Not so long ago, while I was gathering information for this blog, I read something brilliant which explains exactly what turning 40 means to women. The author called it the ‘I never’ effect. In their 40s, women experience many physical circumstances they have “never” felt before: pain, stress, sleep problems, etc.  


Wrinkles, flaccid skin and many other physical changes which I won’t go into detail about here, as I am pretty sure you’re already aware of them. As I said, all of these symptoms are natural signs of turning 40.  


So, You’re Saying I Can’t Look Young Again? 


Of course not! Please don’t let the introduction to this post put you off. On the contrary, looking younger in your 40s is more than possible! The passing of time is inevitable, but you can choose how you live in that time. At The Manual Therapy Clinic we have an incredible system, with 100% guaranteed results, to help you reach your goal. Feeling younger again is closer than ever. 


Our system is called Indiba. Indiba is a world-leading radio frequency technology, available in our Edinburgh centre. Only two centres in Scotland offer this treatment – and we’re happy to be one of them. Indiba is an advanced technology which helps patients to rejuvenate their skin. After some sessions, it gives incredible results when it comes to the face and neck . 


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How Can Indiba Rejuvenate My Skin?


As I said, Indiba is a radio frequency technology which is well-known around the world. This therapy stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. Remember the skin is the largest organ in the body, and probably the most important in terms of aesthetics. 


But, what does all this mean exactly? 


Well, if you haven’t heard of it, radio frequency technology is one of the most used treatments in aesthetic treatments. It’s a non-surgical procedure that uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves to heat dermis and, subsequently, that heat generates collagen.


And what is collagen exactly? Collagen is the most common protein in your body and is responsible for regenerating and tightening the skin. In other words, collagen is essential for maintaining firm and flexible skin. 


After a few sessions, Indiba’s radio frequency slows down the signs of ageing and makes the skin look younger again. 


But this is not the only thing Indiba can help with. This technology is also used for other types of facial problems typical at this age: flaccid skin (also called hypotonia), skin dehydration, fat excess…it can even help in recovery after cosmetic surgery or jaw injury. 


Real Patient Case: Indiba + Hyaluronic Acid


I would like to share with you, dear reader, the case of a real patient, so you can see how Indiba radio frequency therapy can be used to recover from skin problems. 


This patient received some hyaluronic acid injections. After the treatment, she had serious swelling in her joints. She contacted us and we offered her a plan involving Indiba radio frequency sessions. 


We proposed that she should wait 3-4 weeks after the injections to be sure they were totally settled. From there onwards, we carried out some Indiba sessions to reduce the swelling. The results were amazing. In just a few weeks, the swelling had completely disappeared.



Is Indiba Therapy Suitable for Me?


Indiba radio frequency therapy is suitable for all types of skin. So don’t worry: the short answer is “yes, of course”. You are the perfect candidate to receive this treatment!

Now you know this is for you, let me tell you some other advantages of Indiba. As stated before, it’s a non-invasive treatment, which means you don’t need surgery. You can leave the centre after the session with no physical “evidence”. 


Apart from this, recovery after receiving Indiba is faster, with no side effects. You can repeat the treatment as many times as you wish throughout your life! 


Last but not least, the question most patients ask me…how many sessions are needed? Well, every case is different. It’s impossible to answer if I don’t know your particular case. But, if you’d like a definite answer, why not contact us? We’ll study your case and will come up with a 100% custom treatment for you.


Want More Info About Indiba?


If you want to understand the power of Indiba and get more information about it, why not get in contact with us through our website or social media (you can find us on Facebook and Instagram). 


We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you soon!

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