INDIBA® for skin care and health

INDIBA® can improve skin health, enhance wound closure and boost the healing of cutaneous injuries. This is achieved by stimulating tissue elasticity through the production of collagen, glycosaminoglycans, and elastin (three main components of the skin), increasing blood flow, and migration and formation of new skin cells1,2


INDIBA® therapy can be applied to improve skin conditions after major surgical procedures. Many women suffer from a painful and numb sensation around the C-section and the presentation of a large scar. INDIBA® therapy can improve the appearance of the scar, promote draining and reduce pain and discomfort (You can read a real case at


Cellulite is a common condition, especially in women, where the skin is bumpy and dimpled. INDIBA® hyperthermal effects and unique 448kHz wavelength can make cellulite less visible as it has lipolytic and antiadipogenic effects and restores cells and their metabolism3

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indiba cellulitis

Skin conditions that can be treated:

Facial Booster




Belly skin tightening

Post-pregnancy belly fat



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