INDIBA® Sports Injuries

INDIBA® ACTIV alongside physiotherapy rehabilitation can accelerate the repair process of injuries and ameliorate pain in both the acute/inflammatory or chronic phases, providing excellent results in just a few sessions. Its technology has been used by renowned clubs and sports organisations like Football Club Barcelona1 or the Olympics, and elite athletes like the professional tennis player Rafael Nadal (Read more in Rafael Nadal – INDIBA S.A. America).



INDIBA® ACTIV can induce thermal skin adaptation which can last for up to 2h, important for MSK rehabilitation as it promotes blood circulation and metabolism of the tissues underneath2.


Supraspinatus tendon, responsible for shoulder mobility and rotation, is commonly injured in people that lift weights at work or training as in CrossFit, and in sports that require shoulder rotation like badminton. Injuries in this tendon tend to cause rotator cuff problems limiting shoulder mobility.

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INDIBA® therapy significantly improves supraspinatus tendon elasticity as soon as the first session and up to three months compared to subjects that only have rehabilitation3,4.

Moreover, INDIBA® can restore muscle strength, elasticity, and contractile properties after damage, then improve rehabilitation times and return to sport1,5.

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rafa nadal indiba treatment

Sports Injuries that can be treated:


Rotator Cuff



Muscle tear or strain

Meniscal damage

Runner's knee


IT Band



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