INDIBA® Massage Therapy

The effects of INDIBA® radiofrequency can be complemented with Massage Therapy to drain tissues and improve circulation. INDIBA® can significantly increase blood flow in deep tissues1, which alongside Massage Treatments efficiently helps to clear any chemicals and reduces swelling.


Thus, it is ideal to use when feeling bloated, with tired legs or arms due to demanding activities, or after cancer treatments. In addition, the increased revascularisation produced by INDIBA® helps to reduce the degree of oedema and hematoma after surgery and speeds up recovery time2,3.


The mild hyperthermia produced by INDIBA® therapy increases blood flow and dermal temperatures, accelerating cell activity and metabolism, and bringing new oxygen to the underlying tissue to accelerate healing4.

Conditions that can be treated:


Tired legs

Scarring oedema


Post-surgery draining

After cancer treatments



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