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Welcome to the first INDIBA therapy in Edinburgh

But… What is

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…and why is the perfect technology to combine with Manual Therapy?


INDIBA is a global leader in radiofrequency therapy.

They have been around for more than 35 years and established a strong pedigree of scientific research and clinical studies.

These studies have taught us that to achieve the best results using radiofrequency, we need to be performing our treatments at a 448kHz frequency.

There is no other company in this field that has invested so much in scientific research and studies, with over 300 scientific papers supporting our technology as the most effective and safe frequency to use.

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How INDIBA Activ radio frequency treatment works

Our INDIBA systems generate an electromagnetic wave at a precise frequency of 448 kHz to achieve both a bio-stimulation and/or thermal effect.

In published research it has been demonstrated to have a positive effect by increasing deep blood flow (Kumaran & Watson 2017) therefore increasing oxygen and nutrients.

In molecular studies INDIBA Activ has been shown to stimulate stem cell proliferation and differentiation (Hernandez-Bule et al 2014a, b).

How can INDIBA be used?

We believe that the most important tool of a physiotherapist is their hands.


With our hands we can perform great manual therapies and apply different techniques. We want to improve the outcome results of every treatment by combining the manual therapy with the INDIBA technology.


The combination of these two great tools will stimulate tissue repair, accelerate the recovery from injuries and it can reduce pain from the first session; reducing inflammation at the same time.

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