Massage Therapy

At The Manual Therapy Clinic, we have a team of skilled sport and deep tissue massage therapists trained in various manual methods.


Our soft tissue specialists utilise the most effective manual approach to treat your concerns and help you return to your usual physical and daily activities in a shorter period of time 

What is it?


Massage therapy is a type of complementary healthcare therapy. Sport and deep tissue massage therapists are experts in manipulating soft tissue such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons, to improve tissue fibber organisation, increase blood flow, and aid in body healing. 


Sport and deep tissue massage therapist must complete specific official diplomas that qualify them to practice as massage therapists. Moreover, our therapists at The Manual Therapy are insured and full members of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). This organisation regulates that its members meet certain educational (diplomas and yearly completion of CPDs) and practice standards.  





What techniques do our sports and deep tissue massage therapist use? 


Sports massage and deep tissue massage share common principles and techniques but are used to treat different conditions.

At The Manual Therapy Clinic, our skilled massage therapists are well-versed in a range of manual techniques, from soft tissue release to myofascial, and lymphatic drainage, to provide tailored treatment for patients based on their condition, severity, and injury stage.


We can help you to prepare for a competition with specific massage techniques, or assist in your recovery from an injury.

Our massage therapists specialise in techniques that can improve the normal function and mobility of MSK tissue.


These include muscle energy and mobility techniques, which the latter can be done passively, assisted, or resisted. Sport and deep tissue massage therapists are experts in trigger points techniques, which target muscle “knots” to reduce tension, tightness and restore normal muscle function without pain.


We also offer myofascial release, which can decrease fascial tensions and improve muscle movements to prevent injuries such as shin splints. 

Our skilled massage therapist offers a range of massages to address various concerns.


For instance, they can perform lymphatic drainage massage to alleviate swelling and negative effects of surgery, injury, or cancer treatment. Our therapist can complement their massage with cupping to promote healing and increase circulation, ideal to relieve back pain.


For pregnant women, we offer restorative and relaxing massages that can alleviate back pain and help drain and stretch tissues. 

Conditions that can be treated using a sports massage:

Muscle tightness

Injury prevention

Recovery of muscle, tendon & Ligament injuries

Sports event preparation

Sport event recovery

Scar tissue

Conditions that can be treated using a deep tissue massage:

Back pain

Leg tightness

Tired arms

Injury prevention & recovery

Muscle tightness due to postural issues

When do I need it?

Once you receive a diagnosis or are aware of your condition, a massage therapist will perform targeted tissue work.

The therapist will determine the appropriate methods and types of massage to address your specific injury.

Sport and deep tissue massage therapists can address a variety of soft tissue disorders, including those caused by exercise, tension, stress, postural problems, or injuries. 

Medical and physical health history
Physical Examination
Treatment and Rehabilitation plan


Medical and physical health history


Physical Examination


Treatment and Rehabilitation Plan