Headache and Migraine Clinic

What is it?


Headaches and migraines are among the most common health conditions that can affect the quality of life and require specialised management. The Headache and Migraine Clinic offers a range of effective techniques for the treatment and management of these pains. 

Migraines and regular headaches can be triggered by various factors.

Tension headaches are the most common form of headache, while migraines can be caused by nerve, or blood vessel dysfunction1 as well as musculoskeletal issues affecting the spine2.


Moreover, migraine can cause hemiplegia, resulting in motor weakness3.

The complex nature of migraine means that the available treatments vary from person to person.


Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for migraine. If you’re not responding well to treatment or are having difficulties managing your migraine and headache attacks, The Headache and Migraine clinic can help.  




Physical and manual therapy are common treatments for cervicogenic migraines and other types of headaches.




They are as effective as typical medications for headache management.  This type of therapy can also help manage pain intensity, reducing disability.


  • Osteopathic manipulations are common and effective in treating cervicogenic migraines. They work by releasing the spinal lock that causes the pain and improving blood flow.


  • Cervical manipulations are a delicate procedure that should only be performed by experienced practitioners, and our therapists at The Manual Therapy, are trained and experienced in this type of procedure. 

Migraine headaches can also be caused by increased muscle tension affecting the vasculature and spinal dysfunction.

Our team is experts in trigger points techniques that can deactivate referred pain that contributes to migraines when applied in areas such as the back, neck and peri-cranial muscles.


Additionally, deep tissue massage can help reduce the tension in these areas as well as treat tensional headaches. Research has shown that lymphatic drainage massage can also reduce the intensity and frequency of migraines4.

We offer physical therapy, including manual therapy and prescribed exercises, to manage hemiplegia caused by migraines.


Moreover, physical exercise therapy can effectively treat musculoskeletal issues that lead to headaches and migraines. Exercise is believed to aid in the management of migraines by improving blood flow and reducing their intensity


Our physiotherapist can provide therapeutic exercises to ease these pains.   

When do I need it?


If you are experiencing tensional headaches and migraines and are having difficulties managing them, or you have migraines, and your neurologist has diagnosed them as cervicogenic or caused by muscle tensions, then our specialised team can help you with specific manual therapy or physical exercises. 

Conditions that can be treated: 

Tensional headaches


What to expect?

During your first appointment, our physiotherapist will conduct a thorough history and physical examination to accurately diagnose your condition.


Once all necessary information is gathered, they will create a tailored treatment plan to effectively manage your symptoms.

In some cases, we may request a prior examination by a neurologist to rule out any potential major causes. 

Medical and physical health history
Physical Examination
Treatment and Rehabilitation plan


Medical and physical health history


Physical Examination


Treatment and Rehabilitation Plan


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