I´m Celia Mostazo and I´ve been a Physiotherapist for more than 6 years. My passion for sports is not a secret and it has led to my main clinical interest in sports injuries and active rehabilitation.


Not only do I help people with musculoskeletal conditions to overcome their injuries, but I will also guide you through the entire process as well as I will show you how to manage, control and monitor your pain.


Over my experience in the private sector, I’ve covered a wide range of different injuries from aches to fractures and tendinopathies.


I consider physical therapy one of the most significant pillars in my life. I keep myself as much up to date as I can with the latest treatments, techniques, and research. You don’t have to think about your treatment as just a massage, manual treatment, or joint adjustment. Its purpose extends beyond appearances, it does more than meets the eye. A two-way discussion with you aims to find out what the problem is and work on a solution together as a team.


One among many professional health practitioners who are trying to base their principles on CLINICAL REASONING, PAIN EDUCATION, PREVENTION and STRENGTH TRAINING.


I know being in pain is an unpleasant experience as I´ve been there also. So, LET´S FIND THE SOLUTION TOGETHER!


Shall we?


Bsc Physiotherapy

Salamanca University (Spain)

MSc Osteopathy and Manual Therapy

Valladolid University (Spain)

Certificates & Diplomas

Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy Management

Peter Malliars PhD Specialist Tendinopathy Physiotherapist

Strength Training in Rehabilitation Certificate

Pilates, Hypopressives and Functional Exercise Certificate

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Certificate

Neurodynamic Techniques: Assessment and Treatment Course

Dry Needling Myofascial Trigger Point Certificate

Assessment and Treatment of Headaches, Neck Pain and Dizziness Course

Musculoskeletal biomechanics and functional assessment